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Bow Tie: The Perfect Gift

This Holiday Season: Unique Gift ⎪ LUMA Bow ties ⎪ organic, handmade & made in Berlin

The exciting time of the year when we all are looking for those special, however the perfect gift is coming again. Depending on where you live, you will be gifting your loved ones on multiple occasions in the coming months.

In these times of the Coronavirus when our social contacts are limited, the search for that perfect gift transforms into an even more challenging task than usually.

We at LUMA would like to make your search easier. Therefore we would like to navigate you through our outstanding bow ties and ease your decision process.

1. Why Bow Tie?

First let us briefly outline why is a bow tie a good gift itself. We will keep the the reasons short and sweet:

1. Bow ties are back

2. People remember men who wear bow ties

3. Bow ties make you look bright (academics, scientist, entrepreneurs, writers etc. frequently tend to wear bow ties)

4. Golden rule: it is better to overdress than underdress

5. Bow ties raise your confidence

6. Wearing bow tie makes you more valued by the others (confirmed by a study, posted in New England Journal of Fashion)

7. James Bond wore one

8. One size fits all

9. Bow ties can be worn for glamorous, fancy and everyday occasions


10. Bow ties are memorable

>> above: Justin bow tie <<

2. Why LUMA?

LUMA Bow ties are all rounded creations taking into consideration:

a. Materials: With few exceptions, at LUMA we use GOTS certified materials. All the materials we use are carefully handpicked and combined. The materials we use are: organic cotton, organic linen, organic silk and Peace silk. More about this is available in blog post: Organic Cotton, Organic Silk & Natural Linen.

b. Environmental contribution: Keeping our planet clean is one of the most dominant topics in the 21st century. As we strictly work with organic and certified materials we support and contribute to cleaner water and soil. More about the importance of keeping our water and soil clean, you can read in the following blog post.

c. Social component: Last but not least. To round up our concept, we support local sewers. All LUMA bow ties are produced in Berlin-Brandenburg region and therefore sustain domestic textile industry. Also about this you can read more in the blog post: Ethical, Fair, Green, Eco & Sustainable Fashion.

About our green concept you can read here.

>> above: Viktor bow tie <<

3. LUMA's Top Picks

>> above: Marko bow tie <<

>> above: Adam & Marcus bow ties <<

>> above: Nestor & Mita bow ties <<

4. David, Vuk & Leon

>> above: David, Vuk & Leon bow ties <<

>> above: Justin & Isak bow ties <<

>> above: Viktor, Dario, Bane & Oliver bow ties <<

7. Gal & Lev

>> above: Gal & Lev bow ties <<


LUMA & SUSTAINABLE FASHION⎪organic, handmade & made in Berlin

At LUMA we strive to have a positive impact at each stage of the design, production and retail process. Therefore we utilise local designer, only certified and organic fabrics, local sewers (providing equal payment) and deliver through CO2 neutral carrier.

More about who we are and what we stand for, you can read in the following blog post: Welcome to LUMA.


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