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Which bow tie to wear with navy blue suit?

"What bow tie with navy suit?" is often asked question. Below we are outlining color combinations, which will help you decide how to style your navy blue suit.

Taking into consideration classic fashion, current fashion trends, occasion you are looking the bow tie for can make the process of bow tie choice challenging and complex. Additionally as every other accessory also the bow tie shall impeccably match the entire outfit. However matching the chosen bow tie with the suit is another step.

Alongside black and grey tones, navy blue suit is a frequent male choice. As finding the corresponding bow tie can be a demanding task, we are sharing below fitting colors and LUMA bow ties.

1. Black

A classic, which never disappoints. Color, which can be worn at any time and for wide range of occasions. The color itself is modest, however at the same time it states design and style. On top of that the color personifies power, authority, strength and seriousness.

From LUMA collection: Marcus and Adam.

2. White

Another long-established choice. And yet another color, which can be worn for diverse occasions (e.g. weddings, graduations, formal events, galas, banquets). Therefore for all those who are looking to add some perfection, simplicity, purity, equality and openness to their outfit, white is the optimal choice.

From LUMA collection: Marko.

3. Gray

As the two fundamental colors, also gray attractively compliments the navy blue (suit). A transitional color, which represents compromise is also seen as a solid and stable, conservative and practical. Maturity and responsibility are another two characteristics of gray. And those who are looking to manifest intelect, elegance and formality can undoubtedly settle on gray bow tie.

From LUMA collection: Vuk, Leon and David.

4. Other shades of blue

The color of sea and sky, which symbolises heaven, confidence, intelligence and trust. A masculine color liked by men also indicates stability and expertise, which shows why is the navy blue, for example is, chosen by many men in the corporate world. Amongst others, blue is known for producing a calming effect.

From LUMA collection: Oliver, Isak, Gal, Nestor and Mita.

5. Yellow/ Gold

A sunshine color, associated with positive energy, happiness, intellect and joy. It stimulates happy and pleasant feelings and emotions. What is more yellow and golden shades are known as attention getters. Therefore all those who are looking to raise additional awareness with their looks, yellow/gold bow tie will help with accomplishing that purpose.

From LUMA collection: Justin.

6. Orange

Similar to yellow/gold also orange represents positive emotions. A color of joy and sunshine stands for enthusiasm, success, attraction and creativity. What is interesting about the orange color is that it is broadly welcomed amongst the young people. Due to the high visibility it is optimal for those who want seek to catch attention.

From LUMA collection: Lev.

Looking for the bow tie, which will convey the energy and personality and at the same time complement the navy blue the suit can be at points tricky. Nevertheless we hope we have made your search for the right bow tie somewhat easier.


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At LUMA we strive to have a positive impact at each stage of the design, production and retail process. Therefore we utilise local designer, only certified and organic fabrics, local sewers (providing equal payment) and deliver through CO2 neutral carrier.

More about who we are and what we stand for, you can read in the following blog post: Welcome to LUMA.


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