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Updated: Jun 26


Berlin designer, LUMA, has in 2018 joined the men's sustainable accessories scene. Manufacturing bow ties whilst focusing on quality, craftsmanship and love for nature as well people involved results in unique products. Experienced sewers and designers craft the bow ties in traditional handcraft to give men a small fashion accessory with a lot of style. Partnering with local manufacturing units and designers enables us to actively take part in the manufacturing process and ensures the highest quality plausible. Adding the social component to our concept makes our products all-rounders and each bow tie unique.

Along the high quality production processes we apply, we also devote vast amount of time and effort when choosing the fabrics for the bow ties. All LUMA bow ties are made exclusively of sustainable fabrics, which are either GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and/or KBT (Controlled Animal Welfare) certified. Textiles such as organic cotton, semi-linen and hemp as well as the finest silk are harmoniously combined with each other. The production of some silk fabrics is outstandingly animal and environmentally friendly, since the silk fibres are obtained only from the empty cocoons. These silks are called non violent - silks (Peace Silk). *Peace Silk can be found in Justin and Isak bow ties.

Last but not least is our care for the climate neutral delivery of our bow ties. At LUMA we pack your little treasures into boxes made of recycled cardboard. The packaging materials come from the EU, which reduces the environmental impact. In addition we pay attention to the CO2 emissions and have thus partnered with DHL GoGreen and local bicycle riders.

With LUMA bow ties you have it all. These unique products are not only beautifully designed, but made of sustainable fabrics (such as organic cotton and Peace silk, which are GOTS certified), produced locally and with lots of care as well as delivered to you climate neutrally. Thus welcome to Berlin's new environmentally and society friendly brand: LUMA.

Explore the stylish, made in Berlin, LUMA bows and treat yourself to a real fair fashion highlight >>

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