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Meet Our First Collection [LUMA⎪organic, handmade & made in Berlin bow ties] @my.luma


Now that we have introduced you to LUMA’s idea and its concept (if not, check our previous blog post) it is time to share some details about our first collection. Let us see what is hiding behind those colourful combinations made from sustainable fabrics.

Organic fabrics, as one of LUMA's focuses, were our main inspiration for the first collection. The assortment is therefore characterised with Cushiony Cotton, Natural Linen and Magnificent Silk elements.

Cushiony Cotton

◦ 100% Organic Cotton ◦

The base for the Cushiony Cotton bow ties is the organic cotton (GOTS certified). Here classics with a touch of ornaments can be found as well as a wide selection of colourful bow ties.

The elegant and stylish ties can be worn for everyday as well as special occasions.

Classics: Adam, Marko, Marcus

Colourful tones: Bane, Dario, Viktor, Gal, Oliver & Lev

Shop Bane, Dario, Viktor >>

Natural Linen

The personality of this set of bow ties hides in the engagement of the known and unknown. The plain linen with playful patterns in combination with dark grey organic satin (David, Leon & Nikola) or navy blue organic silk (Stefan, Nestor & Mita) bring additional wisdom and trust to your look.

◦ 65% Semi linen + 35% Organic satin ◦

The Natural Linen selection praises structured semi-linen in combination with shimmering grey satin. As the Cushiony Cotton bow ties also the Natural Linen ones can be worn with everyday/casual outfits as well as with the formal ones.

The examples are: David, Leon and Vuk

Shop David, Leon and Vuk >>

◦ 65% Semi linen + 35% Organic silk ◦

A great combination of organic semi-linen and organic silk expresses the unique structures. These bow ties stand out in particular to monochrome shirts and give the look a vibe of liveliness and wisdom.

The examples are: Nestor and Mita

Magnificent Silk

The distinctiveness of this set of bow ties lies in unique fabrics. The Peace silk and the organic silk enhance already sophisticated look to the next level. The Magnificent Silk element has two units.

◦ 75% Organic Satin + 25% Peace Silk ◦

These unique bow ties crown the collection. The distinctive Peace silk (also known as Ahimsa silk) in combination with the organic satin make these bow ties a true eye-catcher. The distinctiveness however does not originate only in the colour combination, but also in the material combination of peace silk (as the name suggests peace silk is obtained through non violent process where butterfly larvae is not sacrificed for the purpose of the material production) and white satin. These elegant bow ties elevate already sophisticated look and can be paired with dark as well as bright coloured suits.

The bow ties: Justin and Isak

Shop Justin >>

◦ 100% Organic Silk ◦

​An elegant and stylish companion, which captivates with a fine and shiny 100% organic silk. The delicate structure of Luka with the deep dark blue can therefore be worn in different evening wear and will always give them a clear, exclusive expression. This bow tie is for special moments and very festive.

Bow tie: Luka

Be it organic cotton, natural linen, organic silk or organic satin the sustainable fabrics (GOTS certified) LUMA is utilising along with the partnerships we have with the local manufacturing result in unique products of this ethical brand. To explore them you are invited to check-out our online shop.


LUMA & SUSTAINABLE FASHION⎪organic, handmade & made in Berlin

At LUMA we strive to have a positive impact at each stage of the design, production and retail process. Therefore we utilise local designer, only certified and organic fabrics, local sewers (providing equal payment) and deliver through CO2 neutral carrier.

More about who we are and what we stand for, you can read in the following blog post: Welcome to LUMA.


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