Our Story

Regional, handmade & environmentally friendly.

Driven by the idea of combining sustainable + social components. 

Founded in 2018, based in Berlin.

Inspired + motivated to make small accessories big.


At LUMA we use solely organic materials, support regional production and resort to environmentally friendly packaging.  


Supplementary value comes from the handmade production.

Currently our complete production takes place in Berlin. However in order to strengthen the social component we are looking to (partially) outsource the manufacturing. 

We have been observing the textile industry moving, mainly to the South-East Asia, since the early 1990s. As a consequence a great number of sewers and (small) designers have been negatively affected. While the textile factories were mostly located outside of the big metropolises entire regions have been suffering.   

LUMA would like to help those individuals and their families. Therefore we are working on outsourcing the production to endangered areas while simultaneously providing the same payment conditions we are offering in Berlin.


Environmentally friendly production should become a standard. 

Nowadays there are many ways to make sustainable clothing. The selection of products is growing, as well as the demand and understanding of the customers' needs and desires. To support our planet we are using exclusively organic materials subject to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification.


The silk fabrics used are also something very special LUMA uses Peace-Silk (Bio-Ahimsa-Silk) or non-violent silk. The production is animal and nature friendly, since the silk fibres are obtained only from the empty cocoons. The caterpillars were able to develop into a moth before or as a caterpillar escapes the cocoon. For this reason, the extraction of the silk thread is overall more complex, however more sustainable to the living beings and nature. In addition, the silk fibres in the villages are processed in an environmentally friendly manner. The Ahimsa-Seidenzucht provides the rural population with a safe and fair income.

The cotton and linen we use are as well subject to environmentally and socially friendly production.

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